Comics Food Bar Centre

Welcome to Comics food bar & Take Away.

Once you’ve eaten at Comics food bar and take-away, you realise their motto “You just keep coming back” is more a prediction than a marketing ploy. Of their clientele, 80% are regulars who wax lyrical about the Wild Boar ribs, Obelix cheese and bacon burgers and crispy chips. In fact, some people spend their lunch hour driving there just for a portion of perfectly cooked chips that are great when coupled with mushroom sauce. This place goes through a ton-and-a-half of chips a month. I opted for a Gaul flame chicken and pine burger, which lived up to its reputation as one of the most popular items on the menu. The lemon and herb seasoning was perfect and the roll the freshest I’ve had in a long time.
Comics has got a wide variety of food for example Pizzas, Burgers, toasted sandwiches, schwarmas, wraps, the best ribs, chicken, steak rolls, bunny chow, and roast and veggies. The Comics Dagwood Burger is billed as ‘the real thing’.  While you are waiting you can engross yourself in the mandatory stack of comics or read a newspaper.